We sat down with home-cook Anthony Bartley from Tonio's Kitchen in order to get to know him better and find out exactly what makes him tick. The Caribbean food being made by Anthony, is something to behold!

Anthony hard at work!

Firstly Anthony, can you tell us who or what inspired you to cook?

"I fell in love with cooking when growing up as a child. My first memories of cooking are helping my parents in the kitchen prepare meals for the family, at a tender young age. I recall the extensive preparation for a Sunday roast, the array of colourful exotic vegetables, being washed and chopped and the mouth-watering well seasoned chicken being cooked in the oven."

"The delightful assortment of smells resonated with me from then until now; knowing that each meal will be delicious, full of flavour and cooked with love.
I enjoyed the family time around the table and the importance of seeing food binding us all together.

This is the reason that Hungrily was founded; to find and work with passionate people that love to cook. Homemade food cooked with passion, experience and skill is so much more enjoyable to eat than run of the mill restaurant food!

What are you hoping to get out of your Hungrily experience?

"Jamaican food has become more popular over the last ten years and I would love the opportunity to showcase my food to a wider audience and get Hungrily customers talking about the homemade Caribbean food at Tonio's Kitchen."

Can you remember how old you were when you discovered your passion for cooking Anthony?

"I was between the age of eight and twelve when I would spend time helping my parents in the kitchen, so it was around this age that I discovered my passion."

That was certainly an informative chat and will give our customers a little more insight into who is behind the amazing homemade Caribbean food at Tonio's Kitchen. You are able to order food for delivery from Anthony in parts of South East London and with a 5 star food hygiene rating, you simply cannot go wrong!

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