Connecting communities, helping local people to thrive and keeping local money, local. It's a lovely thought, but how does one go about such a thing?

What does local money even mean? To me, it means a member of a community buys products, goods or services from another member of the same community. I am not referring to a local person shopping at a supermarket or buying a meal from a chain restaurant. I am referring to a local person buying from a local person.

Communities thrive and prosper when members of that community support and help each other and of course, when they are more affluent. We have worked hard at to find a scalable and successful way to make this possible and what we came up with is paying dividends after a very short amount of time.

Local people that love to cook are able to start a home-based cooking business. Hungrily as a platform facilitate the transactions between the local small business owner (the home-cook) and the local hungry person. We supply cooks with support and training to ensure they are compliant with their food hygiene requirements and publish their menu on our website.

Hungry people can then order the delicious homemade food, and a Hungrily driver will deliver the food. The money stays local as the home-cook is earning through their home-based business, and the community thrives. We have home-cooks earning supplemental incomes and local people eating better food cooked with passion.

Communities are, therefore connected through the power of food. If you or someone you know loves cooking and would enjoy an additional income working flexible hours from home, we want to hear about it! You can join Hungrily as a home cook on the website by following this link.

All home-cooks on the Hungrily platform have at least a 3 out of 5 food hygiene rating. With most of them achieving the maximum of 5 out of 5. This is achieved due to our home-cook partners taking responsibility and accountability for their food safety procedures. Add to this a comprehensive e-learning platform provided by Hungrily, and it's a match made in heaven 😇