If you're thinking about starting a business cooking from home, you may be confused about what training and experience you need in order to satisfy your local authority.

The priority of all home cooks should be safety. Whilst sourcing ingredients, finding customers, and making tasty food are all very important, none of them are as critical to your new business as keeping your customers safe and free from food poisoning.


As a home cook, you do not need any official training. However, you will need to understand the basics of food hygiene. If you haven't got commercial cooking experience, the best way you can acquire the skills is to study an online course. You should be looking to study Level 1 and Level 2 Food Safety.

Both courses can be completed in just a few hours and are usually accredited by a body such as City & Guilds. The cost of these courses vary from £15.00 to £30.00. Here at Hungrily you can study our accredited online Level 1 and Level 2 Food Safety for £12.00.

How long does my certification last?


There is no expiry date on a Food Safety certificate, therefore it lasts indefinitely. However, it is common practice to retake the course every 12 to 36 months.

Hungrily home cooks have access to their very own online learning centre which is packed full of free training modules. This is designed to enable you to cook your food in a safe and compliant manner.

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