You're passionate about food, you love to make people smile as they eat your creations and it gives you a satisfying feeling to know someone enjoyed eating a meal you cooked.

No? Then do not start a business as a home cook!

Yes? Then you have the raw ingredients needed to make this venture work. Let's assume you answered 'yes' to that question and I am not wasting my time typing away!

Almost everyone is a home cook, some out of necessity and some because they wouldn't have it any other way. Above all else, home cooks need passion. If you do not have a passion for cooking then you're almost certain to fail. The passionate home cooks are always the ones that stand out. Their menu looks good, their menu sounds good, but above all else their food tastes amazing.

It's not that difficult to start your home cooking business, you can have some leaflets printed and away you go. However, you need to decide upon your trading name, your menu, your pricing, your marketing strategy, your packaging and your delivery method.

When your menu is decided and you've printed some leaflets with your new brand name you can get to walking the streets. Drop leaflets everywhere, petrol stations, local shops, your neighbours letterbox, schools, community centres and churches. Let's assume you've done a dry run across your entire menu and taste tested it with friends and neighbours!

Now, how to deliver the food. It's a modern era and people aren't looking to collect. Actually 80% of people are looking for delivery! Well, you can deliver yourself if you're not busy with orders, or you can hire a driver. Post an advert on for a local driver and you are sure to receive applicants.

Driver pay

You should be looking to pay your drivers above the national minimum wage as a basic 'salary', with customer tips given to them as a bonus. This will ensure they are earning well and stay motivated.

Drivers are more than likely to be self-employed, so you'll be paying them cash in hand and they will be responsible for their own taxes. Interview several potential drivers to make sure you identify work ethic, honesty and reliability. Let's face it, if a driver doesn't arrive for their shift, then you have a big problem!

Once you have your menu, your driver, your marketing, oh and of course you've registered your home with your local authority and been inspected and given a food hygiene rating. Well, you're good to go!

Have you built a website? If not, how are people going to order? A telephone call, Facebook? Hmm, this isn't ideal as mistakes aren't documented, the process is slow and you'll miss out on lots of potential orders. You really would be better off with an e-commerce website that is suited to handle online food orders and payments, unless you want your drivers handling lots of cash...

Thief, thief, who said thief?

Not all drivers will steal your cash, but plenty will if given an opportunity! You really need to consider accepting card payments online, yes, you will have to pay a fee to the merchant provider for each and every order but at least you will not be fleeced out of your hard earned cash!

OK, you have your menu, your food hygiene rating, your website, your card payments, your driver, your marketing and your customers. You're good to go! Enjoy your success and may you bring happy food creations to your local community.

If this is all a little daunting

There is another way. Join Hungrily as a home cook and pay just £14.99 per month. We do the marketing, the deliveries, the website, the mobile apps, the card payments, we help you to skill up through our Learning Centre and assist you with food hygiene.

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