When you find yourself waiting for your next benefits payments, wondering how you're going to make ends meet, the overwhelming feeling of disappointment, failure and embarrassment can drive people into a deep depression. There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Do you love to cook? If yes, then there is a way for you to slowly but surely change your life for the better. Hungrily, a UK food delivery service working exclusively with home cooks is accepting new home cook registrations across the UK. It's completely free to join, and full training is given to help all home cooks achieve a satisfactory food hygiene rating.

Think of how a food delivery service you have used in the past works. You enter your address and see a list of restaurants that can be delivered to your home or workplace. You choose one, add menu items to your cart and complete the checkout process. Well, Hungrily works precisely the same way from a technology and process point of view but doesn't feature any restaurants as they enforce their strict policy of working with home cooks alone.

Starting a business is a costly and time-consuming process with minimal guarantees of success. However, when budding home cooks join the Hungrily platform, they receive all the help and support they need to ensure success, utterly free of charge.
The income made from your new venture can then be used to reduce your benefits claim slowly. As your menu gains traction and your income increases, your benefits reduce and you move away from the trap altogether.

To join Hungrily as a home cook visit www.hungri.ly/cook-with-us