Don't get caught out!

So, you've decided to start a home cooking business and would love to get an income doing what you love most, cooking! The tricky thing is, how do you reach customers at meal times?

Two choices really. The first, you deliver the food to your customer. This may mean recruiting and training a delivery driver, making sure they insure their vehicle and that you trust them not to do anything untoward with your food. Of course, you could always deliver it yourself, well, if you have the time that is!

The other option is to give your private address out to customers. Now this is not for everyone, and I think I understand the reasons why. You have children, a partner and even a dog that you want to keep safe, so why would you risk giving your address out to strangers just to make a few extra pounds. You really have no idea who is turning up at your house after all!

Whilst this is a personal choice and I am sure there are many home cooks that have successfully given out their home address to strangers, with no issues arising from it whatsoever. I don't think the general consensus would be to do this.

What you could do as a budding home cook is run your cooking business on the Hungrily platform. This allows you to stay safe at all times, keep your address private and have your food reach thousands of local customers. Oh, we deliver it for you as well!

So if you want to run your own business, receive full training, work around your own schedule and make money cooking from home, join Hungrily as a home cook and start cooking your way to financial security.