You have entrepreneurial flair and a desire to work for yourself, yet starting your own business cooking from home continues to elude you!

It needn't. Whilst most traditional businesses require a significant amount of cash to get them off the ground, there is another way. Starting your very own cooking business with Hungrily is completely free to setup with a very low monthly subscription fee.

Traditional home cooking business V's Hungrily home cooking business

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Home Cook

Let's have a look at the costs associated with starting your own traditional home cooking business. For starters (pun intended), you would require a website, preferably with online ordering to reach your local community. A food ordering website would be available on a subscription basis and you could get one like ORDRware from free, to £99.00 per month.

Secondly, you would need to purchase packaging. There is a very fine line between quality and cost. The cheaper the packaging costs, the more likely it is to arrive with the customer leaking, torn or simply with cold food. High quality biodegradable packaging is expensive so be prepared to spend at least £4.00 per order on this.

Drivers. Well, you need to deliver the customer their food it's 2019 after all. Any kind of labour is expensive and delivery drivers are no exception to this. You could expect to pay in excess of £4.00 per order, or £8.00 per hour. Should we even calculate these costs? Oh come on, one driver earning £8.00 per hour, working five hours a day, seven days a week would cost you £315.00 per week.

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an animal in itself and your spend here really will be as high as you allow it to be. A leaflet campaign, door to door and to local businesses would cost you £80.00 in printing alone. Online advertising through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google can easily run out of control and if you're not experienced at setting these campaigns up - you may run in to a whole heap of trouble and wasted money! Let's estimate these costs at £100.00 per week for now.

Let us stop it there to see the running total. Ouch! £2,000.00 per month is the minimum cost associated with a traditional home cooking business that is delivering food, using decent packaging and advertising to reach their local community. With no guarantee of success, how many months are you prepared to risk this for?

The Hungrily powered home cook has far lower costs associated with it. For starters (yes, another pun), there are no setup costs whatsoever. As a Hungrily partner, you can set up as a home cook completely free and pay just a low monthly subscription of £14.99. Hungrily take care of all deliveries, marketing and training, not to mention a high end online ordering experience for customers.

The difference in costs, setting up a home cooking business are truly vast. However, the real benefit comes from the ongoing support all Hungrily home cooks receive. Be it advice on menu items, pricing, pictures, food hygiene advice, local marketing tips and even branded, high quality packaging at very reduced rates.

To find out more about starting your home cooking business come and say hello to our home cook robot.