We all have our favourite types of food, be it fast food from the high street or mum's special roast dinner. However, the fact remains, you simply cannot beat a home cooked meal!

This is not a revelation to anyone, of that I am sure. However, there are not many options available to people that would like to order home cooked food for delivery to their home and workplace. The main reason for this is because logistically it's not easy to bring a network of home cooks and chefs together and offer the kind of choice people enjoy.

There are of course a few independent home cooks here and there that are providing food to their local community. However, the costs associated with running their business are vast and often become a non viable option.

Home cooks are a passionate bunch, they have recipes passed down through generations of family cooks. Their food is often amazing and far superior to that of a restaurant. So would you order home cooked food for delivery to work? If not, why not? Healthy, fresh, made to order with high quality ingredients. Sounds like a pretty good option to me!

Perhaps you have food hygiene concerns, and you would be right to have them. You should be concerned about hygiene standards at all restaurants you eat from. When was the last time you even thought about a restaurants food hygiene rating? You most likely do what I do, assume they are doing things right or they wouldn't be open to the public, this is the UK and health and safety is a major factor in any commercial setting.

So, are food hygiene standards of a home cook lower than a restaurant? Categorically NO, they are not! Home cooks must adhere to the same rules as a restaurant. All home cooks should be registered with their local authority and of had a health and safety inspection. They will also have a food standards rating between 1 and 5, just like all restaurants in the UK.

This is where things get interesting...

Restaurants employ staff, some have tens or even hundreds of employees on rotation which makes It very hard for them to maintain the high levels of hygiene expected. Home cooks generally work alone, they are the person that received their food standards rating and it's their name, their business and their livelihood in most cases. In my experience, home cooks take ownership and accountability of their food standards and hygiene levels, making them extremely hygienic and safe to eat from.

Hungrily home cooks are also inspected randomly by our own trained assessors, just to ensure they are always on point. These inspections happen without warning and without pattern, cooks can be inspected at any time, and they are aware of this fact!

Let's summarise, home cooks are passionate, cook excellent food, have family recipes going back generations and are fully inspected by their local authority. Of course you would order from them, wouldn't you?

For a selection of home cooks, or to become a home cook yourself visit Hungrily at www.hungri.ly