Handy with a smartphone camera? Have a way with words?

If you're able to articulate your message in a way, your audience will not only understand your point but will also relate to you. Then yes, blogging about your food will help you to sell more.

To put it simply, if you can reach a large audience that engages with your content, then you're ready to influence your audience to share your food blogs and posts. Shares lead to a broader audience and therefore more opportunity to sell your food.

Hungrily home cooks have direct access to the corporate social media channels through our cook's website and mobile app. We find this drives fantastic content in a quantity that far supersedes that of our competition.

With almost all our social posts being on such a personal level the engagement is very high, people are encouraged to share the content and leave positive comments. We expect food blogging and social posts to be accountable for over 50% of the companies growth over the next two years.

To get started as a home cook with Hungrily visit us at www hungry.ly/cook-with-us