Well, that really depends on the quality of the food, the type of food you're cooking as well as your marketing budget!

For example, if you're cooking a stew you're unlikely to sell much of it for consumption at breakfast time. It's possible you could sell some for early lunch though! However, if you're offering eggs Benedict, full English breakfasts, bacon and sausage baguettes, well then you stand a very good chance.

You're marketing efforts and budget will have a lot to do with the hungry customers you're able to reach. The more you put in, the more you get out. So, if you're lazy and sitting around waiting for a customer to call, you've most likely wasted any food you've cooked.

On the other hand if you're proactive, have a good marketing budget and you're a dab hand on the social media platforms then you will reach the people needed to sell your breakfasts.

If this sounds far too complicated, you could always become a home cook on the Hungrily platform. We offer a business in a box type of service for home cooks which means it's super easy to get started. Our trading hours are 8am to 10pm, seven days a week, which enables you to work around your busy schedule and plan your opening hours accordingly.

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